Meet Darrell Harada

Darrell Harada

Clairvoyant Medium

“To be a messenger for information that will clarify and improve life. I believe I am a channel for higher power, so I surrender to the process with the intention of serving you"

Subjects: Relationships & Spiritual Growth, Love & Career

Abilities: Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Psychic Medium, Reiki and Energy Healing

Style: Compassionate

Specialty Readings

Darrell's Specialty Sessions

1 hr | $120

Darrell is temporarily unavailable but will be back soon!

Darrell's Specialty Sessions

Darrell offers six unique types of specialty readings in addition to his normal services.
Each specialty reading is an hour long. Click through the slides below to explore each of these special sessions.

Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

Each new year, new job, promotion, new relationship, new move brings with it the unknown. I have seen people fail at jobs and relationships, not because they couldn’t succeed, but because they were distracted by fear and anxiety.

One reason people get psychic readings is to alleviate fear and anxiety of the unknown. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. A reading can make us feel better, but if we are honest, a mild anxiety lingers. Sometimes the anxiety stays mild, sometimes it doesn’t. Getting another prediction is often pointless. So how do we free ourselves from fear and anxiety?

Since everyone is different, some methods work better for you than for others. Freedom from Fear and Anxiety gives you the best way for you to deal with fear and anxiety. Together we will customize strategies and methods to free you from the grip of fear and anxiety.

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​Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

by Darrell Harada

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Reader Interview with Darrell Harada, Clairvoyant Medium

What do you feel is your main purpose as a reader?

I feel my main purpose is that of a spiritual messenger. It is my purpose to give the information I receive about a person, their life, or current situation as clearly, factually, and truthfully as possible.


How do you do your readings and what will I experience in one of your readings?

I normally ask the person I am reading to give me the topics they want me to look at without elaborating. So they will say relationship or career or health, I then pray for guidance and clarity, and psychically tune into the persons energy and life. After I have given them information about the topic they may ask questions.


What methods or tools do you use in your readings to access you intuition and information?

My strengths lie in clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognition (clear knowing), but I am also strong in clairvoyance (clear seeing). I trust information will come to me in the way that is most effective. I believe I am a channel for higher power so I surrender to the process with the intention of serving you.


As a reader what situations or areas do you most enjoy helping people with?

I love helping people in all areas and I place no limit on what spirit can do!


What do you enjoy most about giving readings?

Everything! I love people and to be a messenger for information that will clarify and improve life is wonderful. The energy of a reading and connecting to the spirit world is wonderful, and then to be able to extend that to people is an amazing blessing and privilege.

How many years have you studied for your profession?Looking back I now see that my whole life has been a study and preparation for this work, even my college studies in economics and comparative religion, which I originally thought killed my belief in psychic ability, have helped my ability to be objective and clear. Much of my early training came through massage therapy so I have been training in intuition for about 16 years.

Will you tell me “bad” things?

I will tell you what ever I am shown and told, and that may be information you may see as bad, but I believe if you see it you can change it so there is always hope. Hope supported with information and insight is empowering so whether it is a change in how you view a situation or the knowledge to change it, I know you are always able to positively affect your future. Also know that if you are getting information in a reading then higher power is by your side and that alone is comforting to know.

“All the darkness of the world cannot extinguish the light of a small candle.” ~ Reza Deghati

“You are the light of the world.” ~ Jesus
Is my future set or can I change things?

I know the future can be changed. I have seen it happen to many times to think otherwise.


How long have you been giving readings professionally?

I have given professional readings since 2001.
Who were your teachers and mentors that helped shape the way you do readings?

I met a psychic while I was performing massage at a psychic fair and he told me I was psychic though I have been doing psychic things my whole life, I just didn’t see it as such. For example, I dream the future, and I did not consider that psychic. That psychic was my main mentor but by Spirit Guides are my constant mentors. I am constantly working to improve.

Tell me a little about some other interesting things that you do.

When I am not doing readings my life is much like yours. I am a father and a husband, I like to go to the beach and the movies, and I still give massage professionally. I also love reading and writing.


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Client Love

“Seven years ago, a psychic reading I had from Darrell Harada with Sachiko as translator helped me so much.  Darrell said, 'You will meet a man who loves you very much.  To meet him, please pray to night sky by yourself while you’re in Hawaii and ask for the man to come to you.' I immediately did that in the evening and met my husband-would-be in a few days at a bus stop in Honolulu. Darrell’s session mysteriously clears my mind and Sachiko translates it in so loving and comforting Japanese words that they resonate in my heart rather than in my mind. It [the reading] was not just a prediction but was MORE than that.  My heart is full of gratitude toward Darrell and Sachiko.  Mahalo”   MM in West Coast

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